Hello, my name is Chris Johnson.

I’m an game designer from Adelaide, Australia.

I create short, hopefully interesting games. Moirai and Expand are two quite different games that embody this hope.


Youtubers are more than welcome to use video of my games for monetization purposes. No need to seek personal permission.

Community Involvement

Besides making games I’m also rather involved in the South Australian game development community. Someone suggested I write a list of the things I’ve done. This seems like a good place for it.

Adelaide University Game Development Club

Vice President – August 2009 to November 2010

  • Organised four week long game jams with starting and ending events
  • Responsible for updating content on the club’s website
  • Ran several events including MS XNA Talk, Meet and Greet, Roar Engine Presentation, Design Reboot viewing, Club BBQ
  • Did a talk on meaningful and personal games
  • Arranged donation of several game development books to the Barr Smith Library
Indie Games Rooms

Second in Command – 2011, 2013 – Present

  • Prepare developer information packs and forms
  • Update IGR Website and Social Media
  • On the floor during AVCon weekend
GameDevAdelaide Website

System Admin – 8th July 2013 – Present

Indie Games Night at The Pad

Organiser – 19th October 2013 and 29th March 2014

Playtesting Sessions at CDW Studios/AIE

Organiser – November 2013 to Present(Every 2/3 Months)

PuzzleScript Workshop


  • Adelaide City Council Library on 12th April 2014
  • West Torrens Library on July 14th 2014 – View Resources
Other Presentations


Thanks for stopping by, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you enjoy my work or have any questions. You can contact me via email at chris@cjohnson.id.au. I check my emails frequently and try to get back to people in a reasonable time.


Last updated on: August 7th 2017