Pollution Solution

Pollution Solution is an educational video game that I worked on as a team member of Fiyawork for the Young Achievers of Australia program in 2004. In Pollution Solution you play as Enviroman as he travels back in time in order to save the environment from the pollution caused by the evil Dr Sludge. Along the way players encounter various mini games about the environment.

Progress Codes

Game 1: hoverboard Game 14: sludgeball
Game 2: adding Game 15: animals
Game 3: jump Game 16: plants
Game 4: maze Game 17: time
Game 5: find Game 18: ship
Game 6: recycle Game 19: landing
Game 7: ride Game 20: solar
Game 8: windy Game 21: spelling
Game 9: litter Game 22: boulder
Game 10: sewers Game 23: underground
Game 11: throat Game 24: conveyor
Game 12: puzzle Game 25: factory
Game 13: code

Cheat Codes

Professors Basement: profbase Space Invaders: spacevad
Paddle Ball: padball Game Stats: statgam
Drawing: drawover Staff Puzzle: gpuzzz


Contributors Daniel Johnson, Scott Bigg, Cameron Woon, John Wright, Jessica Forrest, Renee Priesly
Release Date 2004
Download Windows