The Spandex Parable

At the end of this game is the most lewd, gratuitous sex scene you’ll ever see in a video game. The developers spent most of their time making it as salacious and graphic as possible. None of this Bioware stuff– where you don’t get to see anything, and you have awkward animation clipping– no. This will be the real deal. Oh, I can’t wait!

The Spandex Parable was created for the What Would Molydeux Jam 2012. The game is based around the Molydeux tweet:

“You know, what if the aim of the game was to resist actually completing it? That kept me up all night yesterday. “

Play The Spandex Parable on Kongregate or Game Jolt.


Contributors Chris Johnson, Sam Crisp, Matt Trobbiani, Jan Bielecki, Colin Capurso
Release Date 1st April 2012
License CC BY
Download Windows