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What games can take away from Citizen Kane

Recently I watched Citizen Kane, a movie that was said to defy movies as having artistic legitimacy and be the best movie of all time. I don’t entirely agree with these thoughts. After watching Citizen Kane I was reminded of the buzz a while ago as journalists tried to claim the Citizen Kane of video games. In short this sort of discussion is pointless. I think this article sums it all up nicely.

However I think that there is something that can be taken from Citizen Kane that would prove useful. The idea of challenging authority and those in our society who bend their power for their own corrupt ends. The systematic nature of games allow them to replicate systems that are corruptible by highlighting to the masses how such corruption occurs.

Games like those from Molleindustria and Persuasive Games are examples of how games can create such systems that can be used expose the James Hersts of modern day society.

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