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Queer Zone

Towards the second half of 2018 I was contacted by an artist called Danny Jarratt. They were creating a piece that would subvert heteronormative tropes seen in arcade era and wanted some help with ROM hacking. Danny was looking to build an arcade machine to house the ROM hacked games.

I helped put together a simple pipeline for Danny to swap out graphics in the original Pacman game. I also researched ROM Hacking several other popular arcade games but Pacman proved to be one of the easiest so we stuck with it.

The end result was Mr Pacman, a game in which our protagonist who wore pink leather boots, a cap and a thick moustache was trying to find their love Pacman.

Danny did an amazing job with the art and arcade machine. You may have seen it at the Museum of Discovery (MOD) or the SASA Gallery.

Photo from Queer Zone

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