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GameDevAdelaide – No Further Updates

In July 2013 I created GameDevAdelaide, it’s a website that lists game developers from South Australia and pulls in news posts from their RSS feeds. At the time if you searched for game developers in Adelaide you’d see articles based on Krome and Ratbag closing down. Yet lots of smaller developers were popping up and working on interesting things and going unnoticed. So I figured this website could counter the narrative that nothing was happening here in South Australia and highlight what was happening.

The website is powered using a WordPress Blog and a uses a plugin to pull down news items. I routinely update the website based on WordPress security updates. Unfortunately the latest WordPress update required changes that would break the plugin. The plugin itself was developed many years ago and is no longer maintained. There are alternative plugins but they are quite costly.

As of yesterday the website stopped pulling in new articles. I’ve decided that I’ll keep the website up but won’t renew the domain name when it expires in July 2020.

Just for reference here is the Google spreadsheet that lists all the developers on the website.

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